Becoming a successful streamer is pretty much a full-time job…at least it would be for most of us. So today I want to show you how you can automate your Twitter growth and grow a nice sized following with very little effort.

The program I have personally been using on multiple projects and even this website you are currently on is Follow Liker. A really nice program that has a full suite of automation capabilities.

All we are going to be doing today is setting up a simple campaign that will get you lots of targeted new followers with very little effort and it doesn’t include following and un-following – I promise!

To make things simple I’ve created a short 8-minute video which explains everything and shows in detail how to get it all setup. Below I’ve listed out the steps as well.


Here are the step by step instructions for getting this all setup:

  1. Purchase and Download Follow Liker Here.
  2. Open the software and start a new project.
  3. Right click the main window and add your Twitter account
  4. Open the Custom Settings Wizard (check advanced settings)
  5. In the setup pane: Check Scrape User, Like and Direct Message
  6. Setup your scrape tweet settings with YOUR relevant keywords
  7. Setup a custom direct message to be sent to new followers
  8. Setup your ‘like tweet’ settings.
  9. Start the software

It’s really that simple. You can leave the software running all day long! I do recommend you start small and increase the numbers just to make sure everything is running smoothly.

And don’t forget what I said in the video about still engaging and playing an active role on twitter when you can. This strategy is simply to bolster your marketing efforts as you have limited time. If you want a great Twitter account you can’t just use automation you have to actually be engaged. But this should help nicely with growing your account and adding to your social proof.

Stay live,


PS. If you have any questsions just leave a comment below and I’ll answer there.

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