Read this sentence very carefully: The mobile gaming industry has reached $99,6 Billion in 2016.

That is insane. Mobile gaming is blasting off like nobody’s business and the time is now if you want to get in on the action.

I strongly believe mobile gaming is the future for one reason: Everyone is already carrying a console in their pocket. Why would the new generation shell out $500+ for a console (or $1000+ for a PC) and then $60+ for a single game and then still pay for DLC. It’s not going to happen. Only the older generation will continue on this way.

The majority of new gamers will be playing mobile games. PokemonGO is an example of how insane this industry can be. overnight we saw millions of people take to the streets to play the augmented reality game and even though it has petered out, the potential remains the same.

If mobile games aren’t on your radar you simply aren’t thinking forward enough. More than ever you have to be adaptable to the industry as it transforms.

If you are currently a Twitch streamer and having less than stellar results you need to get over to Mobcrush immediately and give it a try. The competition is WAY LOWER.

Why compete with 1.5 million other broadcasters? Why constrain yourself to needing a massive PC? Mobcrush streams right from your phone!

Mobcrush has been moving fast and they are here to stay. They have a massive partnership with Apple and that is a good sign. This week they also announced donations for partners, chat bots and a lot of other awesome features.

Now I know it isn’t as fully featured as Twitch is quite yet. There are no alerts and emotes.

There is overlays but let’s face it…that stuff isn’t what makes a streamer popular and on we focus on how to succeed as a live stream entertainer, not just a Twitch streamer per se.

The most important thing in live streaming is to build your audience. Do you know how difficult it is becoming these days to get even a handful of viewers if you are just starting out? How hard it is to get people to chat for even a few minutes?

You should be thinking low hanging fruit and its Mobcrush right now.

A real life friend of mine started last month with zero live stream experience and already has a nice following and an extremely active chat.

The thing about mobile games is you don’t have to a pro, it’s much more casual. It helps if you are a good player but let’s face it, mobile games aren’t nearly as competitive.

It is super easy to stream on Mobcrush as well. While you can you OBS there is also one-click stream options that even your grandma could manage.

Maybe it’s just me but I really believe in the future of mobile games. I highly recommend you check it out and get in on it before it’s too late.

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  • TheAppUniverse

    I’ve been streaming on Mobcrush since beta and I’ve been partnered with them for a little over a year. However, I started streaming where most people do, on Twitch. In my case though, I streamed every day for several weeks with NO reward. There was just too much competition, I couldn’t get people to even FIND my streams.

    Alas, I found Mobcrush through a Youtube video Lonniedos posted, and my life would never be the same. It’s a much more accepting platform. If you’re not streaming there, you should definitely try it out. And hey, welcome to the family. 🙂

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