This is a step by step guide on how anyone can setup a professional looking Twitch.TV Stream. Let's jump in!

Step 1 – Sign up to Twitch and get acquainted with every feature

If you want to stream on Twitch then you are going to have to register on the site and setup your account. This will allow you to get your username and your stream key. The stream key will be used to tell the broadcasting software where to send the video to. If you put in the wrong key then nothing will show up when you go live.

Here are two videos to help you complete this step:



Step 2 – Setting up your broadcasting software

The next thing to do is to get your broadcasting software setup and ready to send live video data to your Twitch account.

In the video below I will take you step by step through the entire process. We are using OBS studio here. As of writing this OBS studio is without a doubt the best software to use. It gets the most support, it is free and the majority of the top broadcasters use it. It is user friendly so don't be intimidated! The learning curve isn't that big, just watch the video below:


Step 3 – Add functionality to your stream and increase production value

So now that you can stream to Twitch successfully we can start building in more production value with cool things like on screen alerts, dynamic text, and more. If you haven't already done so, test your stream by hitting “start streaming” on OBS Studio and then open up your channel on Twitch to ensure data is being sent. Don't go any further unless you have done that.

The video below will teach you how to setup live on-screen alerts when you get new followers, subscribers, donations and/or hosts. This is all customizable in the Twitch Alerts dashboard so make sure you go sign up there and authenticate with your Twitch login credentials.

Whether or not you like having Twitch Alerts I recommend going through the process of understanding how all these platforms come together through OBS Studio.

Next lets add some dynamic text on screen using a software called SNAZ. Check out the video below to see some really cool things you can do:

The last thing I would want to do for my professional Twitch stream setup is to add stream labels. This really enhances the broadcast as it allows you to display dynamically updated text from your follower/sub/donation database. This is how streamers display the latest donator or the most recent follower tag name. Just watch below:


Step 4 – Add your info to your Twitch Panels

This is such an important step that many people don't spend enough time on. You can really add to the viewing experience by putting a lot of good info in here. Put your schedule, your social links, a bio, partner images, clan images, anything you can think of that will help your viewers get to know you better.


Step 5 – Setting up your visual Twitch overlay

Okay this is important and can have a major impact on your success as a streamer. Your overlay should look professional and add value to the stream. It should not distract or be irrelvant. Do not cover too much of your gameplay. If you have photoshop it's not too hard to get a decent overlay. There is a full tutorial below:

Step 6 – Add live chat into your stream video

One thing I think goes a long way is putting a live chat box into your actual stream. The nice thing is that the chat is then embedded into the stream permanently and people who watch VODs will know what you were talking about at that time.

Recently Twitch added a feature to attach the chat to the vods but that is only if you watch on Twitch and not on Youtube. It's up to you whether you add it or not but if you do want to I suggest you watch the video below for the exact steps to get it working properly.



Step 7 – Setting up the ability to receive donations

This one is important if you want to start earning money on your stream but I have left it at step 7 for a reason. Don't request for donations too early it makes you look like you are only streaming for money and viewers catch on to that really quickly. You really want to do this for passion and fun because that is how you will attract real long term fans and followers. The truth is that if you are only in this for money it's very likely you won't last and will burn out. But nonetheless, here is the full tutorial:



So that is more than enough to get your well on your way to becoming a professional twitch broadcaster. Follow these video tutorials step by step and you will have a great looking stream and production quality!

Good luck and have fun!

Stay live,

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  • NikiTheLiger

    Nicely done guide! I didn’t know yet that chat is so easily done and added to the overlay 🙂

  • Dale

    Rich, this tutorial rocks! It helped defuse any reservations I had about starting up a channel on Twitch. My biggest hangup has been getting a Mac version of Snaz. I looked up info that Jimmy (of Snaz) suggested for getting WineHQ, but it is all jacked up and nowhere near as user-friendly as Snaz. Help! I could really use it.

  • Original Gamesters

    I have setup as many alerts and stuff as I can think of but I just came across this. Thank you TwitchMeta. I have to go out now but will go through these videos to see what I have missed, what I could do different, and how to be even better. Never heard of SNAZ. I have some things I already want and it looks like you supply the means to get it.

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