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A collection of resources for every Twitch Producer out there!

Technical Setup Videos

Learn the ins and outs of setting up an uber-professional broadcast. Everything you need to know to be a world class live broadcaster and producer.

Marketing Strategies

Get 5 Killer marketing strategies for Twitch producers. How to tackle networking with other broadcasters, content marketing, social media, search and email.

Broadcaster Development

Bring out the star in You with our Twitch broadcaster development audio book. Learn how to build self-confidence and become the ultimate Twitch Producer.


[Video Course] Professional Twitch Live Broadcasting: The Complete Setup


This course is designed for those who want to stream on a PC or Mac desktop but don’t know how to thoroughly setup OBS software or are intimidate by the technical requirements of broadcasting. We go through every aspect step-by-step on video so you can follow along.

03. How to Setup OBS and the Basics of Broadcasting (Sample)

The Entire Course Contents:

  • 1. Setting up a twitch account
  • 2. Reviewing the Twitch Platform
  • 3. Setting up OBS and the Basics
  • 4. Setting up Twitch Alerts
  • 5. Setting up SNAZ
  • 6. Setting up Stream Labels
  • 7. Setting up your Panels
  • 8. Setting up Donations
  • 9. Setting up your overlay
  • 10. How to add chat on your overlay
  • 11. How to setup hotkeys in OBS

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  • Get step-by-step training on how to setup OBS and your Twitch broadcast.
  • 11 HD videos to demonstrate the full setup.
  • Buy the video course for just $7 or get all three modules for $9.


[Audio Course] Advanced Marketing Strategies for Twitch


in this course we wanted to cover the five key marketing channels for Twitch producers: Twitch Networking, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Search Marketing (SEO). After listening to this course you will have a much better understanding of how to market effectively as a Twitch Streamer.

05. Email Marketing for Twitch Producers (Sample)

The Entire Course Contents:

  • Networking for Twitch Producers
  • Content Marketing for Twitch Producers
  • Search Marketing for Twitch Producers
  • Social Marketing for Twitch Producers
  • Email Marketing for Twitch Producers

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  • This audio course will help you accelerate your Twitch stream’s growth by giving you marketing insights that will significantly improve your ability to generate awareness and interest in your stream
  • 5 Audio Tracks included to cover 5 major marketing channels.
  • Buy this audio course for just $7 or get all three modules for $9.


[Audio Course] ‘How to Rise’ –  A course in elevating your self-confidence, broadcasting abilities and ability to succeed as a Twitch streamer.


A lot of people are smart enough to setup a live stream on their own. Many people are even adept at promoting themselves and growing steadily. But what sets Twitch broadcasters apart is the ability to consistently perform at high levels. To be able to do this requires you to have a lot of self-esteem and confidence, the ability to know why you are unique and be able to celebrate that, the ability to stand out from a crowd and much more. This course will help you overcome many personal hurdles that live streamers often encounter.

01. How to Build Insane Self-Confidence (Sample)

The Entire Course Contents:

  • How to build Insane Self Confidence
  • How to own your weirdness
  • How to create a unique selling point
  • How to build your personal branding
  • How to think like a content producer
  • How to become more passionate and maximize fulfillment

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  • Learn to be your greatest version
  • Drastically improve self-confidence
  • 6 audio tracks to help you develop the confidence you need to be successful as a Twitch producer
  • Buy the audio course for just $7 or get all three modules for $9.