Okay so Twitch just released “Clips” which is essentially Twitch's version of Oddshot. It looks like Twitch wants to be more involved in highlight-able moments.

Now with just a click of a button in the video player you can capture a 30-second clip.

When you see something you don’t want to forget, hit the Clip button in the video player, wait just a few seconds, and before you can say “Kappa”, you’ll have a video of the action ready to share.

Clips will integrate nicely by giving you a shareable piece of your live stream hopefully driving more interest and traffic. Share your clips and bring people right into the stream – this is exciting!

Clips are great for quickly capturing those special moments on stream. It's not always feasible to go through your 5-hour VOD just to find a quick clip.

Clips will be great for capturing things like:

  1. Masterful game play
  2. Hi-Scores & Records
  3. Epic moments
  4. Fails
  5. Insane tricks or plays
  6. Donation reactions
  7. Sub reactions
  8. Hilarious moments
  10. Announcements

If you want more info on how to use clips check out the guide on Twitch's blog.

Clips is rolling out today so jump on stream and start clipping!

Stay live,

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