I've been browsing a LOT of twitch streams lately. Whenever I come across a new streamer I always scroll down to read their info panels and immediately it tells me how serious they are about streaming.

I will even jump out of theater mode just to see what sort of info they are placing in their panel section.

What are Twitch Panels?

Now in case you have no idea what I'm talking about, Twitch allows broadcasters to put an unlimited amount of info panels below the live video portion of the screen on their channel page. This is excellent opportunity for you to tell you viewers a lot more about you.

Considering when someone jumps into the stream for the first time, they may not catch you at your greatest moment or the stream could be a little slow. Using panels allows you to supplement the viewing experience with more content and more info about you!

It definitely isn't rocket science on how to implement panels. You can add an image or text. Within the text you can use the Twitch editing language – Markdown.

This week we've collected 11 examples of Twitch panels that look super sleek and easy to read. Enjoy!

The Twitch Panels and Layouts:

1. DfieldMark – http://www.twitch.tv/dfieldmark

Twitch Panels

These are the most pimp panels I've seen. I love the sub head underneath. Sick design.


2. HuzzyGames – http://www.twitch.tv/huzzygames

Twitch Panels

Not just branded but variations of the character art. A+

3. JimBenOfficial – http://www.twitch.tv/jimbenofficial


Design isn't quite as top-top as some others but I get a strong sense of this person's essence and it's very easy to read.


4. BizBony – http://www.twitch.tv/bizbony

Twitch Panels

I cut off the top a bit otherwise it would only show text, but these look very clear and attractive.


5. ThePanduhTV – http://www.twitch.tv/thepanduhtv


Killer Branding and super easy to read. Very eye catching. Love it.

6. Nysira – http://www.twitch.tv/nysira

Twitch Panels

Nice colors and design. Clean layout. Dope.


7. CandyExplosives – http://www.twitch.tv/candyexplosives

Twitch Panels

The advantage of going for a full graphical design is more control and uniqueness at the cost of more dynamic hyperlinking.


8. AngryPug_ – http://www.twitch.tv/angrypug_

Twitch Panels

Another nice branding effort. Fun!

9. LiquidTLO – http://www.twitch.tv/liquidtlo

Twitch Panels

There is a lot of attention to detail here and I like that. Solid monetization as well.

10. XMinks – http://www.twitch.tv/xminks

Twitch Panels

I like the additional profile photos, I think they add a lot and they look good!

11. Hotted90 – http://www.twitch.tv/hotted89


Decent design but a very thorough and solid effort at panel art and layout.


Final Thoughts on Twitch Panel Designs and Layouts

There is a lot of room for creativity here but don't forget to keep it simple! Clean layouts, a touch of branding and lots of interesting info for the viewer to go through. Make it an enjoyable read. You can certainly write a lot more if it is relevant. People love to get to know their favorite streamers.

The top things every streamer seems to be putting in their panels are:

  1. Donation Requests
  2. Social Media Links
  3. Bio or About Section
  4. Schedule
  5. Rules
  6. PC Specs
  7. G2A Affiliate Link….sigh.

These are only 11 examples! There are many more I'm sure but I think I got some good ones.


Stay live,


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    Those look pretty good. I’ve been working on setting mine up as well. https://www.twitch.tv/BitBeaker

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      Howdy Just saw this and was showing it to a friend wanting to totally redo his entire channel. So figured I am off the wall with my panel, but it def could use some feedback Looking to build community. Twitch.tv/thereal_mccoy

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    Heya, what great article! I think my panels are banging and I would love for them to be featured in this article! Please check them out on my Twitch channel: Lizara14

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    Loving this site so far, very useful info! I take pride in my panel set up and it’d be awesome if you could take a look at them and let me know what you think.


    • Rich

      I think they are great! Very unique but with a lot of style. lots of people make them all look the same. Good stuff!

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    I would love to get some feedback from this amazing community on my panels. I worked really hard designing them myself. Click my name if you are interested in giving me some feedback.


    • Lake

      Your panels are amazing!

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