1. It's only the beginning. The time is now

Twitch was acquired by Amazon in August 2014 for just under a billion dollars. Do you think amazon would acquire something like this if it has already peaked?

The website now gets over 50 million uniques a month according to Quantcast. That is legit. This is Facebook type of growth.

This is a video game revolution. It will pervade all forms of content. If you are someone you will also play or be a part of video games in the coming years.

Let that all sink in. This is just the beginning.

There is plenty of room for new streamers and entertainers. Streaming is just starting to hit its stride with solid software platforms and the bandwidth to support the HD video. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can be the next big Twitch streamer.



2. Dedicate yourself to something

If having your own successful Twitch stream is even remotely motivating consider picking up a regular stream schedule to establish more consistency and dedication in your life.

Whether you are working or studying, do you feel dedicated? A lot of people out there are going to work or school full-time but they aren't really dedicated to it. They lost their passion…

But if you want to reinvigorate that feeling within yourself and do something where you are investing in yourself rather than a company you feel disconnected to…

Then maybe streaming is for you.


3. It can become a great traffic source for your other projects

Just in terms of traffic generation alone, this can be a great way to send people to your other projects.

If you have a small business, if you think video marketing would be great for your business or if you have any online projects, streaming is a great way to connect with your target audience.



4. It's wide open with the new creative section

Ever since the creative section opened up on twitch there is now no excuse to not stream something.

Yes before it sucked because you had to be pretty decent at gaming. But now you can do a wide variety of non-gaming related activities that are permitted on Twitch.

It's never really about the game, it's always about the broadcaster. If it was the game we would see a flatter distribution of popular streamers. Instead we see the majority of viewers with the top 1% of broadcasters.

If you believe in yourself the door is open…


giphy (1)

5. You know deep down inside you dream of having a successful stream

I know a lot of you probably just watch streams and lurk. But if you have something inside of you that burns with desire…

If you want nothing more than just a few subs a month and small but dedicated following…

If you want to feel amazing about going live and having dozens, maybe hundreds, of people flooding in to say hi and hang out with you…

If you want to build something for yourself from scratch (and don't forget that part, the marathon that is streaming) and see it through to the end…

If you believe that you can be consistent, honest with yourself, and constantly improve your production quality…

You should absolutely consider starting to stream on Twitch.TV. Success is possible.

There is nothing to lose.

No one ever gets remembered in the middle.

You can't get ahead until you get started.


Stay live,

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