Being a Twitch streamer is an extremely satisfying job but it comes at a price. You have to manage a lot of different things.

There is a ton to do as a successful streamer so productivity is very key. In this post we gathered 7 important habits to learn on your way to becoming a pro live streamer.

Here are some characteristics that you will find in most of the very productive streamers:


1. Setting and Reviewing Goals Daily

Setting goals is one thing but most people write them down on a whim and then never look at them again. Big mistake.

Without being completely honed in on your goals, how will you know what direction to take your channel?

Goals help you make decisions. They help you set priorities. Knowing what you want to achieve and being clear about it is half the battle.

Set an intention and watch it come to life. Review it everyday and it is much more likely to become a reality.

It only takes 2-3 mins to review goals and action plans. Make this a habit now.



2. Proactively Seeking New Ideas and Inspiration

Many streamers will just browse a few other channels in their niche. But this leads to people copying each other and not being creative.

Make sure you look everywhere for new ideas and inspiration. Take things from other industries. Watch what's trending.

Talk with your friends or better yet, strangers. Listen to stories. Ideas can come from anywhere.

Start private Pinterest boards for branding and visual themes.

Always be on the look out for things you can add to your own brand or channel. This is like brainstorming on the go.



3. Maintaining high levels of energy

You need solid energy levels to stream and produce content on a regular basis. Controlling your energy levels is a must for successful and productive people. 

You have to eat well, it's really hard as a streamer but it is so important! Especially drinking water and reducing processed food and sugar so you don't crash.

Pace yourself. Don't stream so long that you are completely exhausted. Find that critical balance.



4. Establish a Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is really useful for Twitch streamers because you have so much to do content wise. Try to put it in a systematic process to make it easier and more efficient.

Try to do things at the same time every day for greater consistency and time management.



5. Accountability and Focus

You have to have some rules. You can't just play.

As a streamer you are the boss, the CEO…

The thing is that businesses don't just have CEOs they have workers too. Since you are the only one in the business that means you are also the worker. Either that or outsource.

Balance your time effectively between CEO bee and worker bee. That's how things get done.

There should be at least one key progress indicator that you hold yourself accountable too. Perhaps it's days streamed per week, or hours per stream. You decide.



6. Tracking Key Metrics

If you want to know whether or not you are succeeding then you needs some measurements.

Measurements or metrics are tools that we can use to track our progress. It's important to have really specific metrics that are easy to track.

Create a scoreboard near your setup so you keep your key metric at the top of mind.  You should always know the score and what you need to do to improve the score.

If you want to truly be effective start asking: what's the one thing you could be doing right now that would really make a difference.



7. Constant and Never Ending Improvement

Perpetual self-driven learning is the key to a fantastic and fulfilling life. It makes life more fun when you don't think you know everything and you keep searching. Curiosity is important. 

Twitch is a great platform for life! No age restrictions or major physical barriers. Why would you ever quit?!

Just keep learning and refining your craft. There are no limits!


Stay live,

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