One of the biggest mistakes I see novice (and sometimes even established) streamers make is including something about followers/subs/benchmarks in their titles.

First of all, it's a well-known assertion that titles don't even have much impact on your viewer numbers or awareness levels.

That being said, it just isn't that optimal to refer to your own stats in the stream title.

Some examples:

Road to 100 Subs

50 viewer hype?

Have you even see a TV show or movie refer to the audience in such a way? Is there any TV shows called “Best rating on TV” or “1 million TV Watchers”….

Of course not.

Not everyone will care but it's somewhat insulting to the viewer. Do you care more about your own accomplishments or providing high quality entertainment and titles that describe your content not your ambition.

I prefer funny titles or unusual ones. Stand out from the crowd. Titles typically don't matter so make them more humorous and brandable.

This isn't a major problem to have, but it's one of those simple things that can be optimized for improved success on Twitch – which is something to be focused on off-line rather than in the title of your streams.

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