I know a lot of people want to know “how do I get more followers on Twitch?”

I hear it from readers and clients every single day. I always have to remind them that ultimately followers are just a vanity metric and have no real bearing on success.

Although we can gain a sense of how big our channel is by the amount of followers without more context it just doesn't mean that much.

We need to also know what kind of concurrent viewers you have and also what type of engagement.

A lot of people will run a giveaway or a contest and generate a lot of new followers but those people never come back.

The same thing as when you use too much automation for social media and you have a growing account but no one likes or replies your tweets.

But once you know all of that, there is absolutely nothing wrong with creating strategies and tactics to generate more real followers.

So let's look at some tactics.

Here are 10 ways get more Twitch Followers:

1. Remind people to follow as often as possible.

We can start with the obvious. You need to create a “Call-to-action” just like a radio personality would. They are slipping in calls-to-action left and right but when it's good you barely notice it. But you do have to mention it to people and I like to phrase it like…

“If you like my stream, and you don't want to miss my next one where I will be doing XYZ, then follow the channel”.

It's a very logical approach and is used in classic advertising techniques.

If you like something and you want more of it…you should do this to get it.

2. Make following a great experience

When someone hits that follow button the experience should be optimized based on your stream style.

Some people do not like to shout-out new followers and for good reason. Just because someone wants to follow you doesn't mean they want their screen name mentioned. If they wanted to be recognized they would talk in chat.

This isn't the case 100% of the time but it seems to be accurate for many people. Whatever the case is, whether you mention them or just have a simple notification, make it a great experience. It is just a simple place for awareness and optimization.

3. Use visual cues built into your production layer that drive eyeballs towards the follow button.

This one is simple. Put an arrow or something similar that points to the follow button on both your live overlay and your “channel offline” graphics. It can be a very subtle visual cue but it makes sense to have one.

4. Set a follower goal

I always like to set a really low follower goal if I am building a smaller stream. Even a goal of “1”.

So it looks like 0/1 on your screen using stream labels. There is a lot of incentive for people to be that first streamer to follow for the day.

5. Put on a better show

I'm sorry but I have to say it. If you want people to follow then you have to be entertaining or educational. People need to get value from spending time and attention with you.

You have to recognize how hard it is to get someone's attention these days. There are a lot of fun things to do out there.

Too many people feel entitled to an audience just because they put in the time. That is just one factor, talent is another. So give your show a hard look and see how you can improve the entertainment value.


6. Collaborate with other Twitch streamers or Youtubers

If you want a lot of new followers fast then team up with other streamers in the same size range as you and make content together.

First you go on their stream and help them, then they go to yours. You both cross-promote each other and share your audience. This can be huge for massive steps in growth. Some people find this to be hard because they look at other streamers as competition but really they are your allies if you approach it right.

There is enough abundance for all and collaborating will never be the reason you don't succeed, if anything it could the key to everything.

7. Create unique video content for youtube and drive interest back to twitch

You should absolutely be using Youtube to generate interest in your live content. Whatever game you play you should upload some type of tutorial or play-through. You should be highlighting the shit out of your streams and uploading them.

It is just good business to be creating a VOD library of content alongside your live streaming efforts.

8. Use forums to give value

If I were you I would definitely be on forums talking about the game you play and joining the conversation in the communities.

Too many people want the community to be in their room when it already exists somewhere else. Like Reddit is a great example. If I want to talk about a game I like to go there to see what people are saying.

But if I see someone there who seems very passionate about the game and giving good answers in the forum and I see that they also stream the game and give expert advice there then I might be really inclined to go see their stream.

But if you aren't even in the conversation in existing forums it kinda shows that you are in this just for yourself and you don't really care about building a community around a game, but rather yourself. Which isn't the worst thing, but just realize that people on Twitch for the games first and foremost.


9. Start a blog that helps people play the game you stream

Just like doing video content, you might want to have a blog where you share your deck lists, or your build orders. Just a resource page for people who like your content and might want some detailed notes or downloads. Maybe replay packs. Create some digital downloads.

10. Treat your followers like million dollar customers

This is a big one. You have to treat every viewer like they are potentially the next one to subscribe or leave a big dono. That is how you truly get fans especially in Twitch.

Way too many people just think getting followers is the easiest thing. Maybe it is, but if it's just a click to them then they won't be that invested.

But when someone follows you because you helped them, or made a positive impact on them, or made their day then they follow for the long run.

You may get casual people coming in from social media or youtube content, but they won't be huge fans until you do something that really means something to them. And ultimately you need to grow a long-term fanbase with loyal followers if you want any real success.

Reply to every comment, engage as many as possible, don't exhaust yourself but realize that by connecting with people authentically and treating them like million dollar customers you are much more likely to attract real long-term followers.


Those are just straight-forward methods that you can use to get more Twitch followers. Don't forget followers don't mean anything without real engagement. That's why I advocate building them one at a time the right way. There are no hacks.

Stay live,


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