Sometimes at TwitchMeta I go through our Twitter feed and look for people to re-tweet and share their stream with our followers.

One thing I want all streamers to consider is that you should always be assuming people don't know what you are talking about. I often see tweets or stream titles that lack a lot of context and often downright ignore what is actually happening on the show that day.

I suppose people want to be tighter with their community so they use acronyms, short-names, and inside-jokes to explain things. Every community develops this over time and it's understandable why you might to play that up.

But when you think about Twitter for instance, you have to be aware that in order to grow you need to people to follow you who have never heard of you. If you are on Twitter it's because you care about your stream and you know you should be on social media promoting it. So saying things that only your existing followers and community members can understand is not too valuable because they already know about you and probably followed you on Twitch already.

Therefore, growth must be at least priority if not the priority. So to do this, we should try and make our tweets very new-user friendly, someone who has no idea what you do. You have to give them a taste of what it is you do on-screen with a hint of personal branding. This is not easy but it is what you should do if you want to grow faster. Be re-tweetable!

Twitch titles, also see this a lot.The desire to be witty and unique with every title gets to most people.

But I think they best possible strategy is to be very clear about what is happening production wise on your stream. You do get a fair amount of characters here and in the SEO world it is always wise to use everything you get. Maybe you put the main keyword at the very front, because the last half can get cut off, but you still fill it out to the max  nonetheless.

I am just seeing a lot of missed opportunity. Half the battle is getting people into the room.

This is the reason we don't play saturated games and why we want strong stream titles. This is why we want re-tweetable, identifiable tweets about what exactly it is we do behind that hyperlink.

You have one chance to capture someone's attention and you need to be aware that you might be missing out because you are pandering to your existing audience. There is a balance there somewhere.

Of course, if you are on YouTube you probably have already seen this in action and understand the value of good search optimization. It's not exactly search engine optimization anymore because it doesn't just happen on the engines, it's on Twitch as well. Everything is becoming search oriented.

I don't want to go much further into it I just want to bring this to your awareness so you can be your best!

Stay live,



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