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What's Inside the Producer's Course:

Please note: What you see below is exactly what you get inside the course. Do not buy the course if you think it will magically make you a Twitch partner without hard work.

11 Technical Setup Videos

  • 1. The Hardware You Need to Stream on Twitch
  • 2. Reviewing the Entire 2018 Twitch Platform
  • 3. Setting up Streamlabs OBS and the basics of the platform 
  • 4. Setting up Scenes, Sources, Games, Webcam, Alerts, Chat, Goals and More
  • 5. Going Live for the First time
  • 6. Setting up Stream Labels in OBS Broadcaster
  • 7. Setting up your Channel Panels on Twitch
  • 8. Setting up Donations and Paypal
  • 9. Setting up your Brand overlay
  • 10. How to add chat on your overlay in OBS Broadcaster
  • 11. How to setup hotkeys in OBS Broadcaster

Marketing Strategy Audio-Course

  • 1. Networking Strategy for Twitch
  • 2. Content Marketing Strategy for Twitch
  • 3. Search Marketing Strategy for Twitch
  • 4. Social Marketing Strategy for Twitch
  • 5. Email Marketing Strategy for Twitch

Producer's Mentality Audio-Course

  • 6. How to build Insane Self Confidence
  • 7. How to own your weirdness
  • 8. How to create a unique selling point
  • 9. How to build your personal branding
  • 10. How to think like a content producer
  • 11. How to become more passionate and maximize fulfillment

Includes our 2018 Growth Hacking Guide

  • Advanced Marketing Tactics for Twitch
  • 11 Chapters of Twitch Marketing Strategies
  • How to Grow using Instagram and Facebook
  • The Power of Personal Brand
  • How to Hyper-clarify your target Audience
  • How to syphon eyeballs from forums
  • How to Synergize with Youtube
  • How to use Influencers to growth hack your stream
  • 3000 words of Tactical Gold you won't find anywhere else!

Twitch Meta Ebook - Advanced Marketing

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