We asked and you answered…pulled straight from this Reddit thread here are some of the best answers to what keeps Twitch viewers coming back day after day…

Someone who's entertaining, friendly, engages with chat and look like they put some effort into their streams.

Consistent stream time, chat interaction and not over reacting and yelling into the mic when bad or good things happen.

Fun personality and good interaction. I like a good quality stream, don't get me wrong, but if the streamer is boring to watch, I'll leave. A streamer doesn't have to talk ALL THE TIME, but no one wants to watch a stream with little to no talking. Even without chat, people can still talk about what's going on in-game.

Streamer is an interesting and/or funny human with a voice that enjoy hearing, they interact with chat, and the game being played is a game i like.

I might be weird, but I enjoy watching people who are really good at the game they are playing

Mainly response to chat and a cool personality.

There were lots more so be sure to read the full thread here.

I thought this was a really good Reddit thread for streamers to review and understand what people truly want. Of course it's not definitive but it is certainly telling.

Engaged with chat seemed to be a top priority alongside entertaining personality. So make sure you do you best to keep those things on point!

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