Don't leave it to fate

Achieving the things you want in life always sounds much harder than it actually is. Even though we subconsciously realize that there is a cause and effect to everything, we often ignore it. It's easier to live when you leave things to “fate”.

But that “fate” is really just you not taking action.

So today we are going to examine some of the key qualities of a top twitch broadcaster and look closely and truthfully at ourselves to see if we are putting in the same causes that successful twitch broadcasters do, because if we are, we are very likely to have the same effects.

I bet some of you are saying, yeah but I don't have that network they do, I'm not lucky like them, I don't get the same opportunities. That may be true, some broadcasters have it good with their connections. But many broadcasters started exactly like you.

The bottom line is, if you want to be great at anything, you need to be able to look at yourself honestly and know whether you are giving it everything you've got. And part of that, is evaluating your self, your qualities and skill-set. If we can constantly improve them we will always be in good shape!


So what are the ideals of a great Twitch.TV Broadcaster?

One thing we see time and time again is that the top Twitchers have charisma and character. They are unique and likable. They attract a lot of new people on a regular basis and keep their attention.

The next thing to notice after the personality will be the stream quality. Is there a high quality video and audio feed. This is pure technical skill to fine tune your setup for the best results. You have to work with your equipment but most people can stream 720p with clear audio. There is no excuse not to have this if you want to compete in the Twitch arena.

Having an overlay is certainly helpful if it improves the viewing experience. Maybe you add chat or important info to the visuals. But if you are just taking up screen space to blast your logo or excess noise, you aren't doing yourself a favor. Having an overlay isn't necessary at all. What matters is a great visual experience.

Those are some things that are key to running a great stream, but being a full-time broadcaster requires a LOT of time, passion and consistency.

I think this is the real cause and effect that people need to take note of…

If you lack passion you'll burn out and your energy will fade.

If you lack consistency you'll lose your audience and fail to grow.

If you lack time, this will be an uphill battle.

I also want to note one more thing is that you have to pay your dues. No one gets big overnight. If they do, it won't last. To build a long-term stable audience takes time.

So we have to focus on:

  • Improving Charisma
  • Developing a more Unique Character/Brand
  • Improving Video and Audio
  • Investing enough time
  • Cultivating enough passion
  • Develop Consistency

The first thing would be to ask yourself which of these could you really improve on? Which is the greatest weakness of yours?

Start taking action where it counts the most. Identifying weaknesses can be really hard for us. We don't want to be too hard on ourselves.

There is no need to feel bad if you identify a weakness, in fact that is a triumph! Humans naturally shy away from self-evaluation, but top broadcasters don't. They never stop trying to improve. That comes with the passion.

Each quality deserves its own blog post. This post was really to draw attention to what causes are required to get the effects of a successful Twitch channel. Like I said, if you do what the top people do you can expect the sames results. It's that simple.

For those who want to improve today here you go:

If you are saying “YES I want to improve all of these things! I want to put into my life the causes that will get me the effects I truly want (a popular Twitch channel).

You can get started simply by Googling and searching for self-improvement tips on charisma, unique selling points, passion, productivity etc.

OR, you can head on over to the Producer's Vault and get the “How to Rise” Audio Course for Twitch Streamers.

It's a short course that goes straight into what this post has been discussing.

Here is the table of contents:

  • How to Build Insane Self Confidence
  • How to Own your Weirdness
  • How to Create a Unique Selling Point
  • How to Build your Personal Branding
  • How to Think like a Content Producer
  • How to Become more Passionate and Maximize Fulfillment

We identified these things as the most important for Twitch streamers to consider as they grow both personally and on Twitch. The course is truly empowering and will help you develop many of the soft skills and mental habits required to make it to the top on Twitch.

I guarantee if you take 30 minutes out of your life to take this course you will see improvements in your Twitch broadcasting abilities across the board. Good luck!

Stay live,

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