We took a nice long Spring break over at TwitchMeta.com but we are back now with our very first community roundup post!

This week we asked everyone on our email list a simple question…

What is the most important skill to develop as a Twitch Steamer?

Here is what we learned:

The skill of being yourself. It’s your unique personality that people will want to watch. Don’t be your idea of what you think people will want to watch. Be yourself. Second are your conversational skills which you actually develop by being a good listener.

via SoyrachaDragon

How to engage with your audience and keep them interested in not only the game play, but what you have to offer as a streamer and an entertainer.

via H1Z1 Thomas

Public speaking. Or should I say, private public speaking. You need to learn to use the lack of a physical audience as motivation to let your weirdness out, rather than an inhibitor.

via The Play Belt

The most important skill to develop to me is persistence. Sometimes it may seem like like a pain to start up the stream, but when you push forward and hit the “Stream” button you forget any worries you may have had.

via Tag Anarchy

Interaction. People come to your stream to watch you play games but also to interact with you. Ask you questions, get to know your opinions on games, get a laugh. Even if you’re a great game player, if you don’t interact with your viewers and those in chat, they could just watch a Youtube video. Twitch is a live performance, not a recording. Give them a reason to stay and talk.

via Atreyeu

I would say interaction is the most important. Being with the chat and make them feel warm and welcomed is the win.

via MrTheDarkKnight

To me the most important skill to develop is people skills. You need to greet everyone who is watching you,even if it’s just for a minute or a two. Say hi be attentive and try to get the person’s attention.

via Javagojira

Investigating the truth about what works on Twitch and finding out what other streamers are doing to be successful…


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