If you aren't properly optimizing every aspect of your stream and content to be search engine friendly you are losing out on huge traffic and that could be the SINGLE reason why you aren't having the level of success you truly desire.

Welcome to 2016. People use search terms to find what they want.

It's as simple as that.


Search Engine Optimization

Better known as SEO, is the process of improving your content, web pages and platforms so that they are more likely to be found via a search query.

We see search most prominently being used on the major webpage-based search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

But don't forget there are many other times people use search.

In fact, Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.


Youtube has over 3 billion searches a month!

Since Youtube is likely to a core strategy for twitch growth given it's similarity in platform and it's integration abilities, we again need to be SEO conscious here.

Search also comes into play directly on Twitch.tv itself. Not just the search bar but also even in the main directories as users scan the page.

Optimization doesn't just mean keywords, it means visibility. So creating highly interesting titles will be key in attracting a click.


Social has Search too!

If you really expect big growth on Twitch, your social media game has to be par or better. You can't slack.

Search is huge in social as hashtags are on the rise. Not using the correct hashtags or social media strategy is simply a lost opportunity.

If you aren't going to put the effort to be search engine friendly you will simply get lost.

More and more content is created every day and it has to be sorted.

Right now all we have is search engine algorithms making the best attempt at matching a user's query with a result. You can do a lot to assist the algo in finding YOUR content.


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If you really want to increase the traffic to your stream and content then you need to make sure you are optimizing everywhere.

Don't worry it doesn't take a lot of time. Once you get used to the SEO way of thinking you will naturally optimize your content.

And there is no need to overdo it. Overusing keywords will have negative effects. You want to balance SEO and Readability.

Our 21-point SEO checklist for streamers


  1. Username – It might be too late for many of you, but there is value in adding a keyword to your username. Simply put ‘BlackOpsJeff' will more likely to be found than ‘Jeff'. Not a critical one, but it is optimizable.
  2. Bio – Adding keywords to your bio is useful both to clarify your niche for users as well as searchability. Twitch doesn't use bio too much in any algorhythmes but that doesn't mean it isn't optimizable.
  3. Stream Titles – Definiately an important one. Having keywords or giving relevance to the topics and games of your streams is key. You also want to write to stand out here. Just listing the game title is boring and overdone so try to get creative.
  4. VOD Titles – Go back and rename your VODs to get a lot more traffic and clicks. People don't want the title to just be the date of the stream – give the VOD a life of it's own.


  1. Title (H1) – If you have a blog then having a title with your targeted keywords goes a long way to increasing search engine traffic. Without out a good clear title Google or Bing won't find your content.
  2. Sub Headers (H2) – Sub headers give context and help search engines parse your content. It also is super helpful to your readers who might just want to skim the article.
  3. Keywords in Title, Meta, Url, First Paragraph – Keywords belong in these 4 places on web page content.


  1. File Name – I'll start here because it happens first, but it may have less importance. How you name your files before you upload them should be optimized and use keywords.
  2. Video Title – The most important spot to have a keyword that you want to rank for. The title tells Youtube what your content is about.
  3. Description – People under utilize this. The more words in the description the more you'll get ranked plain and simple.
  4. Tags – Use the max 500 characters to jam as many keywords as possible. These aren't shown to users but do help you get more traffic.
  5. Channel Name – Clarify your brand and your unique selling point.
  6. Channel Description – Clarify your intentions with the channel.
  7. Channel Keywords – Helpful.


  1. Name – Not really necessary for SEO but can be useful in tweet searches.
  2. Bio – Also used in tweet searches.
  3. Tweet Hashtags – Key for getting broader reach for your tweets. Be smart and use relevant powerful hashtags.
  4. Tweet Keywords – Even if you don't hashtag it use your keywords when you can.


  1. Hashtags – So important for bringing in new followers to your account. Most of IG is about hashtags.


  1. Fan Page Name – Important for FB search. People use that search bar to find new things to follow on Facebook.
  2. Description – Important for FB search.
  3. Content – Important for FB search.
  4. Hashtag – Important for FB search.


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