It's time for another Round-up Post!

This week we asked everyone on our email list a simple question…

What can you do to set yourself apart from the crowd?

Here is what we learned:

Be yourself. It’s your persona that will make you a success. Reveal the one and only YOU.

via SoyrachaDragon

Be a genuine person and allow yourself to be comfortable with yourself. Your audience can tell when you’re feeling certain ways by the emotions that you’re giving off. Body language is a very big thing, and you need to allow yourself to be comfortable and interactive as much as possible.

via H1Z1 Thomas

The first thing is good production values. You don’t need all the money in the world for a decent mic, stand and webcam, but properly utilising all of them will be key to producing good quality content which will give you an upper hand.

via The Play Belt

To set oneself apart from the rest, find your niche, learn about it, and stick with it. If you choose to play League or Guilty Gear or Dark Souls, what have you, people will come to ask you questions. Too many streamers either can’t answer or won’t take the time to help find the answer. The special few that are a cut above are the ones who either know an answer to a question or are willing to admit that they don’t know but are more than willing to help get that answer.

via Tag Anarchy

Personality. Everybody is different. Don’t try and be like another streamer, be yourself. There will always be some quirk, opinion, sense of humor, crazy hat collection or something that will set you apart from others. Let it show and that is what people will remember you for.

via Atreyeu

Playing the games you are good at, so whenever your viewers play that game they will feel your soul in it and the way you play it. Use your own unique lines when reacting to a game. Who knows, maybe you could go viral because of it and you could transfer them to a unique emotes in the future. Share your own thoughts about anything and everything, so your viewers can know more about what kind of a guy/girl you are.

via MrTheDarkKnight

To be honest probably invite people to a chat, little trivia quiz for some giveaways and probably networking as much as possible.

via Javagojira

Investigating the truth about what works on Twitch and finding out what other streamers are doing to be successful…


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