Let's talk about how to be a successful streamer on Twitch and what 99% of streamers are doing wrong.

Let's get this brutal fact out of the way…Twitch creates an enormous amount of envy for gamers worldwide.

What gamer wouldn't want to be paid thousands of dollars to sit at their computer and play video games?

Can we all just agree on that truth?

When we see a gamer sitting with 10000 concurrent viewers, or 1500 subs, or raking in the donations…We can't help but feel a bit envyous.

I mean I'm good at games too. I'm pretty funny too. I can do exactly what they are doing too.

And there it is…the mistake so many people are making.

They try and do what they see other people doing in an attempt to replicate the success. They think they can simply reverse engineer another person's path and obtain the same result.

That is the misnomer. That is the mistake.


Becoming a successful Streamer on Twitch isn't the same as doing business in a marketplace.

When you are in the business of content creation on Twitch or Youtube you are often providing a personality. It goes beyond just the gameplay or stream style.

You cannot copy and be successful. You cannot just reverse engineer. You need to understand supply and demand. There often isn't demand for 2 of the exact same thing, let alone the 500+ streamers we see in a single game.

You are going to need to bring something different.

There is also a first-mover advantage. People who were on Twitch years before you arrived had a huge advantage in scooping up the first set of eyeballs.

Now there is a war of attrition. People grinding just for a few followers here and there.

It seems so unfair right?!

I can completely sympathize. But that's life.

So what can you do about it?

To become a successful streamer on Twitch you are going to have to take a risk.

You are going to have to do something first. You are going to have to become the best at something.

Do you know what's great about being first? Or what's great about creating your own niche?

For that moment, you are the best there is. There is no competition when you are manifesting your own lane.

Let that sink in.

How can you become the best in the world at something? You create a new category and stand there first.

But wait? What if no one wants what I'm first at?

That's where the risk comes in. You are going to have to be self-aware enough to know if you are talented enough to make it and have the faith to stick it out.

Even so called “boob” streamers are becoming heavily saturated. It's not enough just to show up with cleavage and bring in the subscribers.

But the first ones were huge! No pun intended.


The question is are you willing to take a risk? Are you willing to put yourself out there in order to become a successful streamer?

The answer for many of you is going to be no. You still feel entitled.

You think that putting up an overlay, turning on your C920 webcam and launching OBS is going to be enough. It isn't.

You need a strategy. You need a unique selling point. And you need a competitive advantage.

What is going to make you stand out? What is going to make people talk about you?


Some really hard truths about becoming successful on Twitch.

You often have to be outside of your comfort zone. So few streamers will make it using average energy, average mentality.

Please read How to break out of the Average Streamer Mentality.

I highly recommend you ask yourself this key question: What type of stream entertainment could I create that is the world's best of it's kind.

If you follow that path and map your actions to that objective you have a much higher chance of success. Whether you are a business or content creator – when you strive to be the best in your class you almost always win.

No doubt talent is still part of the equation. So is hard work. But if you are aiming just to be a streamer…you aren't thinking about this in the right way.


You must try to become the very best

From the get go you should set a goal to become the best at what you do and not quit until you have acheived that or realize you cannot achieve that and then pivot your strategy.

Maybe for some of you that means leaving the Twitch ecosystem for a new platform. That might seem scary but what are the alternatives. You've seen how many streamers there are in each of the top 25 games right? THOUSANDS.

There are over 2.5 million live streamers on Twitch. What are you really expecting here?

I feel so obligated to bring you these truths because I'm afraid others are just selling you a dream. That if you just stick to a schedule it will happen. NO! It's not enough.

It's part of it, but it doesn't not trump the need to be the best in class. And when you realize that creating your own niche is the key to being the best you will have a chance.

A lot of people are afraid to have such a small niche. To pigeon hole themselves. But what they don't realize is that once you OWN YOUR NICHE you get to leverage that into bigger opportunities.


Let me summarize the key points for those who want to be a successful streamer on Twitch.

  1. Create a niche so you can be the best in it.
  2. Don't copy or replicate another because there is no demand for it.
  3. Taking a risk is part of the path to success.
  4. Use the first mover advantage as a content creator.
  5. Leverage your niche success into bigger opportunities.

I hope this gives you some insight on how to make this whole Twitch streaming thing a reality.

You should be happy it's not so easy. That means when you do make it, you won't be easily replaceable. People always forget that. If its easy for you, it's easy for the other 2 million.

Only 1% ever make it to partner…and they were either first movers or first in class. You have to pick one.


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    Pick a niche and own it, it’s just that simple. Don’t become another game streamer, unless you got something unique to contribute.

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    Great post and it is so very true. I have worked very hard to grow my stream in the last 6 weeks and I feel like I am growing at a strong rate right now. Becoming a streamer is so much work and most people don’t realize that it is probably more work than their current day job. But if you put the work in, you see results that is my experience.

    Keep up the great posts!

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