UPDATE May 8, 2017: This post was originally posted in December 2015 and the camera recommended in this article is still the number one camera used by pro Twitch streamers. I still rely on this day after day to provide me high-quality HD webcam video capture.

Before I wrote this post I was checking out on Google what other people felt about this topic…

Specifically what is the best webcam for Twitch TV streamers?

At first I was going to list like the top 5 webcams but to be perfectly honest, I've only ever used one webcam…

And that is the Logitech C920. Why?

Because it's the best there is,

the best there was…

and until something better comes out…

it will be the best that ever will be.

Why is the C920 the right webcam for Twitch?

A lot of other blogs out there might be comparing a bunch of webcams for Twitch, but if you are serious about becoming a live streamer and you care about good quality and the ability to move the cam around easily or use a tripod, there just isn't another option.


Best Webcam for Twitch - Logitech c920

The Undisputed Champion Webcam for Twitch – Logitech c920

Take a look at the specs yourself if you are into that sorta stuff:

From Amazon:

  • Video chat in Full HD 1080p video on Skype or stream yourself gaming in fluid HD 720p on twitch.tv
  • Record vibrant, true-to-life HD 1080p video clips that capture the smallest details
  • Integrated H.264 compression provides more fluid videos in Full HD and fast, smooth uploads
  • Enjoy flexibility, performance and fluidity that built-in webcams can't match
  • Two microphones capture natural stereo audio and filter our background noise
  • Full HD glass lens and premium autofocus deliver razor-sharp, clear images in consistent high definition
  • Record clear videos even with dim or poorly backlit settings thanks to automatic light correction
  • Works with Windows, Mac, Chrome OS and Android

This camera has dropped in price…at least for now. Only $59.99!!!

Best Webcam for Twitch - Logitech c920

I can't promise how long this price will last. I've seen it fluctuate from $59 to $119. I've already bought 3 of them over the last decade. My experience is that they last for at least 3 years even if you move them around a lot.

I love the crisp image, the auto-focus, the colors in any light, the software that allows you to easily tweak it, I LOVE the tripod mount, it just gives you that flexibility. 10/10 webcam for Twitch and I wouldn't use anything else.

I actually spend a small amount of time dreaming about who can bring out a better camera and a better price. As much as I love this camera if something was even better I would go crazy about that kind of tech piece.

Actually if anyone is in the computer parts or camera parts industry, take note of this. the community loves the c920 but is always hungry for better production quality. The $70 price point is perfect. Keep the mount the same, it's killer on the C920. If anything improve greenscreen capabilities.

There's really not much else to say, well…

There is this.

Buy it now on Amazon for the best price.

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