It's best to start every stream with a procedural checklist. Just like you were about to fly a plane, preparing your stream requires lots of attention to technical details. Here is a simple checklist we like to use and recommend to most streamers. You should adjust it based on your setup and needs.

  1. Restart PC to clear system.
  2. Open OBS or other broadcasting software.
  3. Open Game.
  4. Open browser. We recommend you bookmark all the necessary webpages so you can one-click open them. Yours might include Twitch directory, Your Twitch dashboard, TwitchAlerts and Twitter.
  5. Open your Stream Labels app.
  6. Open Spotify or music app.
  7. Open Snaz or dynamic text app.
  8. Open any desktop bot applications.
  9. Open and position Twitch Chat where you can see it (via ThePlayBelt)
  10. Preview stream.
  11. If stream looks correct, stop preview and record an audio/visual test.
  12. Review A/V test in media player.
  13. If the test looks and sounds good – Start broadcasting. Option to use a “Starting Soon” Preview Screen.
  14. Send out Tweet. Option to include YouTube video with live annotation link for greater engagement.
  15. Begin broadcasting.
  16. End broadcasting.
  17. Create Highlights & Upload to YouTube (via DaedWax)

Did we miss anything? Post a comment if we did and include your stream URL and we will link to you if we use your suggestion!

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  • Daedwax

    Upload highlights to youtube! =D love this website keep up the gewd work

    • Rich

      Sweet thx Daedwax!

  • ThePlayBelt

    I’d mention adding the chat, or at least positioning it where you can see it.

    • Rich

      Awesome I’ll add it to the list and link you!

  • Zonkey

    Nice work , very helpful 🙂

  • TheBigShakuna

    Nice guide! I think I might turn it into a checklist for my casts in the future.

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