This post isn't so much about growth strategy. It's what's been on my mind for some time.

It's simply that the world is headed towards a place of micro-audiences.

No one cares about mainstream TV or cable anymore.

People are tired of watching the same crap and being force fed what to watch for entertainment.

That's where places like Twitch, YouTube, Vimeo, Snapchat, come in.

You literally have the power in your hands to broadcast to audiences from anywhere at anytime.

No crazy technical experience or massive budgets are required. Just a voice. Just a message.

Streamers will get the last laugh because they are so far ahead of the game. They are building their audiences at a younger age. They are building incredible networks compared to previous generations without ever realizing it.

They are taking control of their future by starting early. The dividends are going to be massive.

I think a lot of people look at Twitch and scoff. Video games…kids wasting time…

I had dinner with a very well-educated person last night but he's a bit old school. He's an accountant but he is starting to get it. I think I even heard him say under his breath, “I just don't have time for this stuff”. He said in a tone of envy. I was smiling inside.

I'm sure many of you have been told by others that streaming is a bad idea, you'll never make it, it's too saturated, quit wasting your time…

Next time you just smile, nod, and know that you are preparing for  the future. Even if Twitch isn't where your big break comes, you'll have the experience, new tech skills and if you are doing it right, lots of new friends and supporters cheering you on for your next venture.

See Twitchers are very opportunistic. They realize they can't just do the same stuff over and over. They must constantly move and adjust. This is one of their greatest strengths and what will carry them to great success. Flexibility and adaptability.

So don't worry if you don't have all the confidence in the world about what you are doing quite yet. Don't worry if you have been thinking to yourself…”Can I really do this?” There will always be naysayers around you but you must continue to be forward thinking. You must keep going.

This is my favorite quote as of late and I think sums up this post nicely:

“You can't learn in school what the world is going to do tomorrow” – Henry Ford

Stay live,

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