There has been a lot of controversy lately around surrounding the tweets of legendary broadcaster @Lirik who went off about small broadcasters who request donations or have an expectation of making money from the get go.

I tend to agree with Lirik here. You won't even know whether you want to be a streamer until 3-6 months in. If you start asking for donations and rely on the income you become a slave to the stream and you'll eventually dread it. Fun and the thrill of streaming has to be the base of it all.

It's harsh but true. It's unreasonable for droves of gamers to quit their jobs in the expectation that viewers should support them as a small streamer. The fact is that they haven't even put in any time that that expectation becomes a bit much. If your content is good then it's a moot point because you'll get there anyways.

I think this is a lot of hyperbole. Surely he can understand that people have the right to ask for payment for any service or product. Whether they are in it for the long run or not is up to them. I think Lirik is just surprised that people don't see the silliness in brand new streamers asking for money so quickly when they are highly unproven and often of low to moderate quality.

It's not just his opinion, it's a really thoughtful approach to long-term success on Twitch. As soon as you put more expectations in than gratefulness that you have an opportunity and technology to stream to thousands of people you begin to head towards burn-out.

I think Lirik might underestimate the number of high quality streamers that come out with a bang with great content and personality who may well deserve donations from day one as a solid content producer. A lot of the defensiveness is due to the support of that small minority of high quality streamers meanwhile Lirik can see the vast droves of below-average content begging for donations with overdone graphics overlays and the like.

In conclusion, make fun the focus first and foremost. Don't even think about donations for the first year. Keep your focus on improving and providing people an opportunity to see your talent. When the time is right, you will have that “ah ha” moment and from there you will know you have something tangible.

In the end it's only one person's opinion. That person is very experiences and should be considered an authority but that is not the definitive answer, there will always be exceptions and as time goes on the culture will continue to change and adapt.

Stay live,

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    I think it is not wrong to ask for donations if you’re new. I think it is wrong to have annoying animated overlays that even big streamers have. I went here to watch games, not how much people give you money for nothing. I want to watch gameplay in purest form, not get distracted by animated text. Every designer know that animated text is bad because it’s distracting from content, but why streamers use them? Are they afraid people will not donate if they not constantly pestered with text how many other donated? I call this pressure and semi-aggressive begging for money. When you go to restraunt, waiters don’t boast how many money they got from tips and who is biggest tipper. Why streamers do that?

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      if you are new it’s wrong to ask for donations. newbies asking money is like scam.

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    Richard Buttkis

    What is wrong is not staying in your own lane and playing your own screen. Lirik makes controversy to get attention, its like a baby crying.

    Do your own thing, haters gonna hate, and opinions are like cloaca , everyone has one, and they all stink.

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